The Great Cake Decorating Competition

Should your history class do a cake decorating competition?


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Today Ms. Briski’s Global Citizenship class took to the mezzanine to engage in a competition of wits, creativity, and teamwork: cake decorating. The fight was fierce, with each of the four teams showering their cake with hearts and love, the competition’s theme. Juniors Zak Zaidi, Brooke Littman, and Ethan Garita in addition to senior Jomar Meekins won the competition with a cake decked out with pink fondant featuring a beautiful heart in its center. 

“The purpose of the activity was for students to work on their teamwork and team building skills for our upcoming unit,” said Ms. Briski. “When they originally thought up the idea, they didn’t realize how much work it was going to take, and there were times when we weren’t sure it was going to happen. However, the students took on various tasks, and we all came together during the competition.” Ms. Briski and students alike ultimately considered the event a success in terms of both improving teamwork and eating delicious cake.

This positive outcome prompts only one question: why isn’t every history class taking time to engage in cake decorating competitions?