“When I Dip, You Dip, We Dip”

George Ma, Contributing Writer

What could be better than free guac and salsa on a Monday morning? Nothing. Spanish Club’s annual Salsa Competition was a lively way to start off everyone’s morning and last week before spring break. With the scent of mouth watering salsa wafting throughout the Fox Room and upbeat Spanish music in the background, this festival was an event that no one at Princeton Day School should have missed. This year especially, the competition was more fierce than ever, holding more than 5x the amount of participants it did the year before. Though many of these participants were PDS salsa contest veterans such as junior Holly Teti and senior Tommy Bocian, the Spanish club was able to bring in new chefs from every grade. 

Many took the contest seriously, but at the end of the day, most of the crowd was just there to have a good time. Freshman David Cohen, who calls his creation “a tomato soup”, even admitted that his salsa looks absolutely disgusting, but regardless, he still thought the contest was a fun event. Leading up to the event, many students were under the impression that Bocian was going to sweep the competition, but after everyone saw the huge turn out in competitors and delicious salsas, it became clear that no one could have predicted who was going to win. Surprising everyone, Dr. Cousins and the team made up of freshmen Heidi Vander- Schaff, Nina Gruteser, and Maddie Weinstein won best tomatillo and red salsa respectively, winning some well-deserved $10 Tico’s gift cards. 

During the event, the Fox Room was filled, and there were so many participants eating salsa that the Spanish club members had to reserve  the competitor’s salsa for the judges so that no one would run out. Event leader sophomore Veronica Li “was happy there were more than two participants this year…The event took a lot of meetings but [our club was] excited about the huge turn out!” After such a success, there is no doubt that this event will be something the entire Upper School looks forward to in the coming year!