Uplifting the Voices of Princeton Day School

The Spokesman

Uplifting the Voices of Princeton Day School

The Spokesman

Uplifting the Voices of Princeton Day School

The Spokesman

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Student Artist Spotlight: Meera Shah

(Artwork/Meera Shah ’25)
(Artwork/Meera Shah ’25)

When did you first start your passion for art? 

From coloring in lower school to creating her 8th-grade self-portrait, Shah’s determination and love for art continued to grow. Upon entering Upper School, Shah highlights how she was debating between taking “Fine Arts or Ceramics.” Ultimately, she opted for Fine Arts, as she wanted to “develop her skills in it.” 

What type of art do you enjoy seeing and/or making the most?

Shah is currently taking AP Art History and mentioned how she is studying a variety of art pieces. She particularly enjoyed the unit on Egyptian Art. Shah enjoys seeing Brock Art in museums and also the student pieces here at PDS! Her preferred mediums for creation are “sketching in pencil” or “painting with acrylic.” 

What have you enjoyed so far about your Advanced Fine Arts class?

Shah loves how her Advanced Fine Arts class is very open-ended. She stated that “every year there is a different theme that [upper school visual arts teacher] Ms. Shockey puts together.” A recent project involved creating a piece featuring people meaningful in her life. She further explains how “this course has pushed me to experiment with new materials, try new compositions, and create a portfolio.”  

Could you tell me a little more about a recent art project you made? 

In the Advanced Fine Arts course, a recent project Shah created was a piece with her cousin, where both of them are carrying stuffed animals that are meaningful to them. She also mentions how they are sitting on a Minecraft bed, a nod to their shared enjoyment of the game. Shah mentions how it was a “fun challenge” to draw the pixels with watercolor. 

What role has art played in your life?

For Shah, art holds significant importance in her life as it always has been something she has loved. She believes that it is “a different way to approach history” and “discovering who you are.” 

What was a project you enjoyed making this past year or in previous years? 

Last year, Shah enjoyed making an interconnected art piece, which consisted of making a painting and a physical project. First, she had to make a collage, then a painting from that collage, followed by an abstract painting, and finally by making a 3-D installation. Shah ended up making an outfit. She used “a lot of fabric paint” and “put a lot of toys on a hat.” From this project, she learned how to make a canvas by hand. Furthermore, Shah learned to try new things by “moving the brush around and trying new colors.” 

Junior Meera Shah recalls that her passion for art started at a young age. Throughout her time at PDS, she has enjoyed the various classes offered to her. Shah encourages everyone to step out of their comfort zone and try something new!  

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