Chiefs vs Eagles: A Super Bowl for the Ages


Gage Skidmore

(Photo/Wikimedia Commons)

Charlotte Mullen, Online Staff Writer

On February 12, many members of the PDS community watched as the Kansas City Chiefs defeated the Philadelphia Eagles in Super Bowl LVII with the close score of 38 to 35. After a controversial call against the Birds in the last 11 seconds of the game, Chiefs kicker Harrison Butker made the game-winning field goal that gave the Chiefs a 3 point lead, making them Super Bowl champions. 


Despite a high ankle sprain after a tackle in the 2nd quarter that left him limping off the field, Chiefs quarterback Patrick Mahomes played the rest of the game and was named MVP. Sophomore Luke Haan expressed that he wished the Eagles had won and later made speculation about Mahomes’ injury jokingly mentioning, “They definitely gave Patrick Mahomes something at halftime….maybe an NFL steroids cocktail.” Other members of the PDS community shared disappointment over the holding call that was made at the end of the game. Sophomore Rohan Shah shared, “It was an unfortunate call at the end made by the refs that it was a holding, even though it may have been. It was a pretty soft call in my opinion.” 


Another highlight of the Super Bowl viewing experience was the halftime show.Performed by Rihanna, the show was long-awaited and exceeded expectations for many. In the 13 minutes that she sang, Rihanna included many of her most popular and throwback songs. Junior Kate Zarish Yasunas noted, “I loved the halftime show…the dancers were really funny in the background.” Freshman Riya Mani also shared appreciation towards the show and noted Rihanna’s surprise pregnancy, “I liked her performance… and she’s pregnant!” 


Mani also expressed her sadness over the Eagles’ loss, mentioning, “Yeah, I was upset. I live near Philadelphia, so I support the Eagles.” Despite the Eagles not being able to win the game, many others agree that it was a Super Bowl to remember. Shah added, “I think it was a great game, two great offensive lines going at it…high scoring.” Haan, in agreement, added, “The Super Bowl was definitely one for the ages. It’s going to go down in the history books.”