Uplifting the Voices of Princeton Day School

The Spokesman

Uplifting the Voices of Princeton Day School

The Spokesman

Uplifting the Voices of Princeton Day School

The Spokesman

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The Boys Varsity Lacrosse team’s unforgettable season

Vivek Sharma, Staff Writer May 24, 2016

The Boys Varsity Lacrosse team just finished an extremely successful 2016 season, ending the spring with their first Mercer County Tournament and fourth Prep B trophies and a 14-1 record. PDS entered...

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She Kills Monsters kills it at the Performing Arts Festival

Maria Tkacz, Staff Writer May 24, 2016

This year, Princeton Day School’s spring production had a personal student touch. Ava Nusblatt and Sophia Bernardi centered their senior project on a play, codirecting it with Theater Director Stan Cahill....

Zooming in on the world through a lens

Katie Simons, Staff Writer May 24, 2016

Introduction to Media Arts has started a new class project: making documentaries. This may sound like a hefty assignment, and Media Arts teacher Jerry Hirniak does have high expectations for his students,...

NFL Draft: 2016 analysis

Peter Shannon, Contributing Writer May 24, 2016

There is always a certain sense of speculation going into the NFL draft. Every team wants to make the right pick, but sometimes taking an offensive lineman in the first round lacks the big headline that...

Mary Schafer

Coachella combines music and style

Kali Radu, Arts Editor May 24, 2016

The end of April is typically associated with one big event in California: Coachella. If on the off-chance you find yourself not knowing what Coachella is (which means you should probably spend more time...

Kobe Bryant: an NBA legend

Joe Riley, STAFF WRITER May 24, 2016

Kobe Bryant.  A name synonymous with greatness and success. After scoring 60 points in his final regular season game with the Los Angeles Lakers, a comeback win against the Utah Jazz, it begs the question...

The Dalton blues

Spencer Wilkins, Staff Writer May 24, 2016

On the corner of 89th Street and Lexington Avenue in New York City stands a 12-story building, owned by the Dalton School. To me, the “Dalton” name evokes many sentiments, the most common being rigorous,...

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Artist of the Month: Noah Liao

Sam Bernardi, Staff Writer May 24, 2016

“Ever since I was younger, I was pretty curious about making models, finding out how things work. I chose architecture as a route to pursue that,” explained junior Noah Liao. Clearly, it was an obvious...

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Athlete of the Month: Morgan Mills

Allison Klei, STAFF WRITER May 24, 2016

In the midst of both her junior year in high school and her third lacrosse season, the Spokesman’s Athlete of the Month, Morgan Mills, is not only pushing academic limits but athletic boundaries as well....

PDS to launch second summer trip to China

William Lu, Staff Writer May 24, 2016

On June 14, a few of our fellow Princeton Day peers will board a plane to Beijing International Airport, ready to experience the summer of a lifetime in the land of China. First offered two years ago,...

5,000 to 1 odds: Leicester City’s incredible title win

Manas Sood, Sports Editor May 24, 2016

Just looking at the numbers, Leicester City appeared to not have even the slightest chance of winning the English Premier League (EPL) this year, or even coming close to doing so. The odds were stacked...

Michelle Leung

Teacher Profile: Ms. Hohmuth-Lemonick

Julia Marshall, Staff Writer May 24, 2016

What’s your favorite PDS memory? “Getting married on the lawn of Colross. Another great memory I have is when my son got married at PDS in a traditional Indian wedding. He rode in on a white horse...

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