Uplifting the Voices of Princeton Day School

The Spokesman

Uplifting the Voices of Princeton Day School

The Spokesman

Uplifting the Voices of Princeton Day School

The Spokesman

“Has society and its pressure dragged us from the here and now to force us ahead?”

Hannah Freid, Editor-in-Chief October 7, 2015

Deep in the darkened bubbles of a practice SAT, stressed, overworked, and above all miserable, I found myself wondering, why am I doing this? Although the answer may seem quite simple, as I am...

Trump would be a disgrace to the presidency

Ziad Ahmed, Staff Writer October 5, 2015

“We have a problem in this country. It’s called Muslims. You know our current president is one. You know he’s not even an American ... When can we get rid of them?” are words that thundered...

Trump is exactly what America needs

Jed Seinfeld, Contributing Writer October 5, 2015

It’s time to make America great again! For those of you who follow politics, you should have no problem identifying this slogan. Donald Trump wears his slogan with pride on a baseball cap while spreading...

Flik must provide a larger variety of options for students to choose from

Stelio Louka, Contributing Writer October 5, 2015

Princeton Day School has undergone many changes in the past year. The Campus Center has changed colors, the cushions are new, and many new faculty members have joined the community. But, one major change...

We cannot have a president who puts our national security at risk

Garrett Monfre, Managing Staff Artist October 5, 2015

If you have seen the news recently, you may have heard about the newest scandal involving the Clintons. This time, it involves Hillary and her wiping of a private email server on which she received government...

America was well justified in making the Iranian Nuclear Deal

Hadeel Eltayeb, Contributing Writer October 5, 2015

The controversy surrounding the recently-confirmed nuclear deal with Iran, formally called the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action (JCPOA), is the talk of the nation. Essentially, the aim of the deal is...

Abby Cohen, Contributing Artist

While it is important to exercise our right to vote, it does not always matter

Hallie Hoffman, Staff Writer October 5, 2015

I remember the first time I walked into a voting booth with my father. Pressing the button to cast “my” vote felt incredibly powerful, as if my simple action could determine who the leader of our...

NFL teams promise exciting seasons in 2015

Bridget Kant, Staff Writer October 5, 2015

As the summer comes to an end and the leaves begin to change color, Sundays become more important for one particular reason: NFL football! It is a time for tailgating, fantasy football drafts, and unexpected...

Is Serena the best womens player of all time?

Vivek Sharma, Contributing Writer October 5, 2015

At the 2015 US Open, tennis star Serena Williams chased history. She attempted to become the first player since Steffi Graff in 1988 to complete the calendar grand slam: winning all four major tournaments...

Student predicts and weighs in on 2015 MLB postseason

Ryan Bremer, Contributing Writer October 5, 2015

With only a month to go in the 2015 MLB season, the postseason picture still is not completely clear. Now, the Los Angeles Dodgers have more or less secured their spot on top of the NL West. However, all...

The chase for the FedEx Cup

Scott Altmeyer, Contributing Writer October 5, 2015

For the last time this year, golfers will be hitting 300 yard drives, striking inch perfect approach shots, and sinking long birdie putts. This fall Jordan Speith, Bubba Watson, Phil Mickelson, and 122...

Athlete of the Month: Renee Karchere-Sun

Maxwell Newman, Sports Editor October 5, 2015

Renee Karchere-Sun is back for her senior year and eager to win another Prep B tennis championship. She has been on the team since freshman year when she played second and first singles on a team that...

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