Trump is exactly what America needs

Jed Seinfeld, Contributing Writer

It’s time to make America great again! For those of you who follow politics, you should have no problem identifying this slogan. Donald Trump wears his slogan with pride on a baseball cap while spreading the good news of conservatism and raising a ruckus everywhere he goes. Donald Trump is creating a media circus and, whether you like him or not, his ability to stay in the limelight is incredible. With the media being so quick to bash Trump, it is hard to understand why so many Americans believe “You can’t stump the Trump!”

For starters, Donald Trump understands old fashioned campaign politics. He has a slogan that has a definite ring and he says it enough to ingrain it in the public conscious. He also understands that no publicity is bad publicity. It is through these strategies and his Washington outsider image that he is able to dominate the polls.

Many intelligent people in this country, whether they are sucked in by Trump’s allure or not, agree that it is time for a change. Donald Trump is as far away from a career politician as possible. While a generic politician who fails as a presidential candidate is relegated to irrelevance, a man such as Trump has nothing to lose. Trump does not need to conform to the centrist party line, because if he loses the election, he will still live a life of luxury. Donald Trump has the freedom to say whatever he wants; that is why both the mainstream GOP and DNC are shaking in their boots.

Donald Trump as a political choice is scoffed at by the political elite in Washington and either coast, but the midwest region remains Trump territory. He is the best politician because he is the best comedian. Trump makes people laugh through expert use of insult comedy that many comedians only dream they could emulate. While his comments are controversial, even his victims such as Megyn Kelly agree that they can be funny and, although juvenile, do have a certain degree of truth behind them. After all, I wouldn’t bet on Carly Fiorina to win the Miss America pageant.

His insults also act as a great political tool. If a candidate responds as Trump would, they are seen as equally juvenile. If a candidate responds as a traditional politician would, then they are seen as slow to respond and even a tad weak. When Trump called out Ben Carson on his lack of energy, Carson’s rebuttal didn’t seem convincing. As for Trump’s immigration policies, of which he only has one at the moment, his stance is valid. There is a reason we have a legal naturalization process and, as a hero of mine Mike Church would put it, a strong country must have defined borders, language, and culture. Trump certainly understands the borders and language part of the equation. Whether asking Mexico to pay for a border wall is realistic or not is certainly up for debate, at least Trump is coming out swinging on something. While Trump is only my third pick for President in 2016, I still see him as a potential legitimate candidate. Only time will tell if he will prove Jeb Bush wrong and insult his way to the GOP nomination.