NFL teams promise exciting seasons in 2015

Bridget Kant, Staff Writer

As the summer comes to an end and the leaves begin to change color, Sundays become more important for one particular reason: NFL football! It is a time for tailgating, fantasy football drafts, and unexpected upsets. As with all sports, the start of the season raises many questions, including who the premier teams in the eastern conferences will be. Apart from the Super Bowl XLIX champion New England Patriots, which teams will maximize their rookie player’s potential and lead the team to victory? Coming out of an offseason filled with a bounty of trades, there are high hopes for coach Chip Kelly’s fast paced Philadelphia Eagles offense. Just two years shy of a season where he set the single-season record for most interceptions, the belief is that Eli Manning’s play will justify his newly minted, 84 million dollar contract. A new coach always has to set high expectations for his team, which has been the case with new coach Todd Bowles of the New York Jets. However, the question still remains, can he figure out the quarterback situation and rely on a solid defense to reach the postseason?

For the Eagles to be a successful squad, their defense has to be at the top of their game, and the offensive line has to be able to open holes for outspoken running back Demarco Murray. Quarterback Sam Bradford needs to be on the lookout for open receivers and start to think for the team when he makes important decisions, instead of himself. The Giants will have to find a way to replace defensive end Jason Pierre Paul, who lost three fingers in an Independence Day fireworks accident, while also making sure to have a balanced attack on offense. The Jets will need to settle on an effective quarterback and take advantage of Brandon Marshall and Eric Decker’s big time talents, both of whom acquired in the offseason.

 All the local teams have enough talent to make a deep run into the playoffs, but it comes down to who puts the most effort in their game. The Eagles have the firepower to put up big numbers and outscore many of their opponents. The Giants, one of the most questionable teams in the NFL, will have to play smart and mistake-free football to have a noteworthy season. The Jets’ playing style raises a great deal of question marks, but the Jets are also the team with arguably the most potential in the tri- state area. Darrelle Revis is also back to anchor the defense, after a Super Bowl win with the Patriots last season. His robust presence makes him a great leader, who will hopefully be able to turn the Jets around into a playoff-worthy team. His team will also have a powerful defensive line, full of aggressive linebackers. Offensively, the Jets will combine Chris Ivory’s strong running game with Ryan Fitzpatrick’s effective passing game.

Regardless of which team you support this fall, whether it be the teams mentioned here or any other team, the important part is to enjoy Sunday afternoons with your family and friends. It is a long season, and even if your team starts off slow, there is always hope for a journey through the postseason. Fantasy football may be a keystone of the NFL season, but the best part of the fall may just be breaking out your home team’s jersey, ordering buffalo wings from your favorite eatery, and watching the game in your living room on the big screen. Good luck to all the teams this season!