Seniors discuss privileges, are we giving students too much freedom or not enough?


Garrett Monfre, Managing Staff Artist

Emily Um, Staff Writer

Senior year is often regarded as the best year of high school. Along with the glory of being the “top dogs” and the responsibility of being leaders within the school, seniors get many honors: sitting in the front rows in the theatre, making a special entrance at Homecoming, doing Senior Projects, and of course, taking full opportunity of Senior Privileges. These privileges include signing in late once a week if the student has a free period in the morning, signing out early if the student has no classes or commitments in the afternoon, leaving campus when the student has two or more free periods in a row, and leaving campus for lunch if the student has a free period before or after lunch. However, these privileges are only awarded if the student has met his or her community service hour requirements, and they can be taken away as a disciplinary measure.

Though Senior Privileges are something that every PDS student looks forward to and are greatly appreciated, some believe that adjustments should be made. Last year, Zach “Woogie” Woogen ’15 proposed a change to the Senior Privileges: allow students to sign in late more than once a week. However, this proposal was rejected. For senior Jacky Sun, who has many first period frees, this amendment would have come at a great advantage.

“We should be able to come in late more than just once a week,” Sun remarked.

This is the main complaint among the seniors:

“It just doesn’t make sense for us to be able to leave school more than once a week, but only be able to come in late once a week,” said senior Anna Kovacevich.

Despite this popular grievance, many seniors are already enjoying their new privileges. Dan Ruggerio commented, “I can’t complain, they’re pretty great!” Ben Multak added, “I think they’re pretty fair, but signing out at the front desk is so inconvenient because it’s so far away from the senior nook.”

Dean of the Class of 2016 Todd Gudgel said that his own stance on Senior Privileges is, for the most part, positive.

“It shows that the administration is really treating the seniors with maturity and respect.”

And from the point of view of a PDS parent, Mr. Gudgel believes that it is a great opportunity for students to be able to sleep in after a particularly busy school night. However, some issues that he has already run into are students neglecting to sign in and out, as well as students leaving campus when they only have one period free, rather than two.

Mr. Gudgel’s ultimate outlook, however, is summed up fittingly by the Latin saying: “ignorantia legis neminem excusat,” which translates to, “ignorance of the law excuses no one.”

As long as seniors respect and follow the rules, they should have a blissful school year, using their privileges to their full potential.