Princeton Day School Should Allow All Spring Sports to Take Trips

Scott Altmeyer, Contributing Writer for Spokesman

Who does not want to go on a spring break trip? Who does not want the chance to bask in warm weather, hang out with friends, and play the sport they love every day? This is what the boys and girls lacrosse teams and the boys baseball team have a chance to do every year during spring break. After returning from these incredible trips the teams are more cohesive on the playing field and share indescribable bonds that last throughout their high school careers. As a member of the boys varsity tennis team it can be disappointing to hear my peers recalling the funniest prank played during the baseball trip, or the greatest plays on the lacrosse field. When I reflect upon the last week of my spring break, I remember cramming 40 tennis players onto the only four available indoor tennis courts. Unfortunately for the tennis team, we did not have the chance to play under the Florida sun, or the chance to compete against students from other states. Instead, we stayed in New Jersey and our entire team only practiced when Mother Nature permitted. Although I have forged some great memories with the tennis team, I believe that a spring break trip would allow the tennis team to become a tighter knit group, give us the appropriate amount of time to set our lineup, and provide the extra practices we need to get ready before our early matches. Our spring season begins just after the break finishes and the rainy Princeton weather often forces us to cancel our early season matches and practices. So far, we have had multiple matches canceled due to weather. Our lack of match play may hurt us at our most anticipated tournament, the Mercer County Tournament. If we had been able to practice during our break I believe that our team would be more prepared for the biggest tournament of the year. Another benefit of having a spring break is that our team’s ladder would be set much more appropriately. The tennis team is composed of three singles players and four doubles players, but with so many competitors it is extremely difficult to find our seven players when we have limited court time. On a trip that is solely focused on tennis, there would be plenty of time to perfect our lineup.

Lastly, PDS should provide a tennis trip so that the teammates can get to know each other better. I often hear members of other sports teams reminiscing about hilarious moments during their trips. It would be great if all levels of the team, both varsity and junior varsity, had the time to bond so that the teams would feel conjoined.

The spring break trips offered for sports teams at PDS provide exciting opportunities for many athletes. Unfortunately, not every student has the chance to partake in these adventures. A trip for the tennis team would provide the chance for teammates to connect on a personal level, for our coach to organize our lineup, and for our team to get in the much needed practices we cannot always have in New Jersey. When sports teams that travel during spring break return enthused after their exciting trip, members of the tennis team, golf team, softball team, and the figure skating team are left wondering: why can that not be us?