NFL Super Bowl Analysis

Jazelle Covington, Online Staff Writer

On the Sunday night of February 7th, 2021, families and friends gathered together to watch the Kansas City Chiefs face-off with the Tampa Bay Buccaneers in the NFL Super Bowl LV. They played four long hours of football in Raymond James Stadium, the home of the Buccaneers. Due to Covid-19, the stadium was only filled with 25,000 fans, the least attended Super Bowl ever. On the other side of the camera, there were around 91 million viewers. The two talented performers Eric Church and Jazmine Sullivan stood on the field to perform the national anthem together, joining the two voices of Country and R&B music.

After their amazing performance, everyone in the stands held their breath as the coin toss occurred. The coin landed on heads, which meant that the Chiefs would start the game. The Chiefs started out strong, scoring the first field goal. But soon after, the Buccaneers snuck up from behind them, making multiple breaks and touchdowns. They then began to make back-to-back touchdown passes, some very close and some very far. During the game, the quarterback Tom Brady tossed three touchdowns in the first half of the game, his first pass being an eight-yard pass. Rob Gronkowski, Tampa Bay’s tight end, caught the ball thrown by Brady, to make the first touchdown in the Super Bowl. Kansas City began the game with strong hopes of winning but was soon met with offensive struggles and costly penalties. Under quarterback Patrick Mahomes, the Chiefs failed to score a touchdown, losing by double digits to the Buccaneers. They made 11 penalties for 120 yards, most of which were called against their defense.

By halftime, the Buccaneers took a 21-6 scoring lead and held their dominance for the rest of the game. The star player of the Buccaneers, Tom Brady, was named Super Bowl MVP. He became the oldest player to win the Super Bowl as a star quarterback and reached his goals by breaking his own records on the field. The game ended with a score of 9-31, with the crowning glory given to the Tampa Bay Buccaneers. This was not their first win, another being in the Super Bowl of 2003 against the Las Vegas Raiders. Even though the beginning of the game started off as a nail-biter, it soon ended with a no comeback score with the Buccaneers taking home the trophy.