The Stimulus Check System is Flawed


Pepi Stojanovski

The government recently passed a major stimulus plan for those struggling with COVID-19. (Photo/Pepi Stojanovski/Unsplash)

Brendan Chia, Online Sports Editor

As COVID-19 continues to keep the country in quarantine, the government has come up with a temporary solution in response to the millions of US citizens who have filed for unemployment in the past month: stimulus checks. Since many people are currently unemployed, especially those who work lower-paying jobs, the stimulus checks give up to $1,200 to individuals who meet certain standards.

These standards are based on the amount of total income that an individual or family received in 2018 or 2019, depending on the adjusted gross income in their tax return. Basically, if a family or individual had a higher gross income in 2018 or 2019, they will receive less money from the stimulus checks. This income-based system seems to be a legitimate method, but there are many drawbacks to this new solution. 

The stimulus checks are helping a number of Americans, but many in need are still waiting for their promised share. There have been countless cases of checks going to the wrong banking accounts, as the International Revenue Service (IRS)—the providers of the stimulus checks—has been using old information that has not been updated recently. As a result, many of the stimulus checks have been going to closed bank accounts.

In addition to this issue, many Americans do not have bank accounts; therefore, they cannot receive stimulus checks. This group of people mainly consists of those who need the money most. On the other hand, many Americans who do not need the money are receiving the full $1,200 due to the income-based system. For instance, every retired American will receive the maximum amount of money, even if they do not need this financial support; this includes some of the wealthiest individuals in the world. 

Along with the financial problems regarding the checks, there are also political issues arising. While the main goal of the check is to help Americans, politics has played a role in slowing the process. Senior Tommy Bocian stated, “The stimulus checks were the right thing to provide for middle-class Americans to help cover immediate financial needs. However, let’s not forget that they were delayed upwards of a week because the President demanded that his name appears on the checks. As always, his narcissism and vanity are on full display.”

There have further been numerous accounts of disagreement between the Republican and Democrat parties. Many Democratic representatives have publicly disagreed with the current status of the stimulus checks, and they are fighting for more support and money for Americans. In the PDS community, an anonymous source has stated in agreement: “I think [the stimulus checks] are a good thing, but people should get more unemployment benefits.” 

Even though there are flaws to the new stimulus checks, the money is helping many Americans right now. Adjustments need to be made and political figures need to start working with each other rather than fighting to get the same solution; nevertheless, this is a difficult time for everyone, including the government.