Photography Club Revamps


EIC Katie Jain’s “drawing” of a camera because Art.

Aaron Phogat, Online News Editor

For the last few years, PDS’s Photography Club was headed by Alec Berger and Rebecca Tang. Formerly mainly centered around photography competitions every month with a specific theme and a prize for the winner, photography club has been revamped and redesigned this year by current co-heads, senior Joe Hudicka and junior Yishi Wang. 

This year, Photography Club is mainly focused on teaching members the intricacies of photography with the emphasis being on photography workshops and group photo shoots. Hudicka and Wang recognize the potential of such workshops to increase the club’s members’ photography knowledge and skill without having them take professional classes. They also emphasize its usefulness as a tool to teach those who aren’t enrolled in a photography class at PDS more advanced photography techniques. Photography Club’s last workshop was March 2, and it focused on lighting and how to set up proper lighting for excellent portrait photos. Photography Club is also planning on doing a group shoot in Princeton sometime soon. 

Stay posted for more updates! If you are interested in joining, please reach out to Joe Hudicka or Yishi Wang!