Joe Biden

Former Vice President Biden has released a plan on his website regarding the pandemic, including the implementation of mask mandates, restoring America’s relationship with the WHO (World Health Organization), investing $25 billion into developing and distributing a vaccine, and ensuring all Americans have access to free testing. Biden has also voiced his concern regarding climate change, proposing a plan that would set aside $1.7 trillion in hopes of reaching net zero emissions by 2050. He would additionally rejoin the Paris climate accord which Trump left during his presidency. Biden’s plan for the economy entails repealing the tax cuts made during the Trump administration and implementing a nationwide $15 minimum wage to support working class families. In order to offset these changes, Biden plans to raise taxes on those within the top income bracket along with raising the corporate tax rate. On the issue of healthcare, Biden believes in building upon Obamacare by providing Americans with a public health insurance option. However, he states that those who prefer their employer-based or individual insurance should have the right to keep it. Finally, Biden has also outlined his plan for reforming the criminal justice system in light of the extreme racial tension sweeping through the United States. Among other ideas, Biden hopes to invest in public defenders’ offices, decriminalize marijuana use, and end private prisons.