What has Council Been Up To?


Though Student Council can no longer meet in person, it has been doing its best to coordinate events virtually. (Photo/George Ma)

Since the beginning of the quarantine, PDS has adopted an asynchronous learning system which includes some synchronous meetings to better simulate our classes. That being said, keeping up and connecting with the PDS community is still difficult, despite the school and Council working to maintain Upper School gatherings and Class Meetings..

As a part of this initiative to connect with others and the PDS community, Student Council has come up with numerous ways to stay close.  You may have heard of or even participated in some of Council’s Coronacation Events such as the TikTok competition, Monopoly night, Netflix parties, and the Game Pigeon tournament. Ever since we started online learning, Student Council has been hard at work coming up with ideas to keep us connected and, hopefully, entertained during this time of social distancing. With a month remaining in the school year, there are many more ideas in the works, so if you haven’t participated yet, there are still a few more challenges and activities to try. 

Now that we’re all at home, Blue and White Day as we’ve previously known has been canceled this year. Thankfully, according to senior and Student Council President George Ma, there will be adapted Blue and White Day activities for the day of, including events such as a paper towel run. There’s even talks of a pitch perfect-style riff off that could happen over Google Meet. During quarantine, people are finding new ways to stay entertained and connected, and Council seems to be doing a great job with both! It’s hard to maintain the sense of community that we all know and love, and in times like these it is crucial that we all take any and all opportunities like Council’s initiatives to connect with each other that we can.