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Jason Ma, Online Staff Writer, Environmental Science Column Associate

Freshman Jason Ma enjoys occasionally reading fantasy books and, in recent months, has expressed an interest in classical books. Regarding curricular activities, Ma’s favorite subject is biology for a variety of reasons: he finds nutrition and evolution to be interesting, displays a greater aptitude in biology than in his other classes, and enjoys the class’s lack of a significant homework load. Despite this interest, Ma is still contemplating what he would like to study in college but is swaying towards studying business, engineering, or environmental science.

Aside from his studious nature, Ma displays his fun and extracurricular side by playing video games such as Apex Legends and League of Legends on his PC. He enjoys watching videos and movies on YouTube and Netflix as well, and often spends his free time after school hanging out in Shepherd with his friends or working on his physical health in the Fitness Center. Ma also enjoys playing sports such as tennis on the weekends.

In addition, Ma looks up to his father and his older brother, junior George Ma. They are his role models mainly due to their hardworking nature.

On a lighter note, Ma enjoys snacking on sushi due to it being flavor-filled and, in Ma’s own words, “solid.” In respect to the Spokesman, Ma likes the News and Opinions section the most, and he prefers junior Eric Leung over the other EICs, juniors Megha Thomas and Spencer Knerr, due to him simply knowing Leung better.

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Jason Ma