Student previews Art Gallery line up


Julia Marshall, Staff Photgrapher

Nicole Hartley, Staff Writer

This year’s Anne Reid ’72 Art Gallery exhibitions feature many different types of artists. From landscapes to photography to the work of Lower School students, each exhibition will be interesting and exciting in its own way.

The first exhibition, titled, “You Are Here,” features Lower School Art Assistant Micaela Boekelmann and Middle School faculty member Karen Stolper. All the paintings in this show are portraits or landscapes. A unique part is its emphasis on interactivity. For example, paper and pencils are provided for students to draw their own landscape or portrait during the show.

The second exhibition, which is called “Vanishing Landscapes,” is also a two-person show and focuses on the environment. This show will take place from October 19 to November 13. The exhibition highlights James Balog, an artist from Boulder, Colorado who has been photographing melting glaciers for the last 35 years. His most recent artistic endeavor includes gathering a team to station video cameras in 35 locations around the world to capture time-lapse videos of glaciers melting. Because of his current project, Balog will not be present at the opening show. The second featured artist of this show is Susan Hoenig. Throughout the exhibition, Hoenig, who is a local artist, will be able to speak from her extensive knowledge on species that are becoming extinct. In addition, Hannah Suthers, an orthologist, will join Hoenig on the third day of the exhibition. This talk will center on bird migration in New Jersey.

The unique and innovative third show involves a video installation by Eleanor Oakes ’03, titled, “Barnes Hall,” and will take place from November 24 to December 17. On the opening day, Oakes will be giving two workshops for the Art Department and will also meet with students in the Gallery Club. “Ellie’s work is conceptually abstract in that it is video art. It will be exciting to see how students will react to this type of art,” said Director of Anne Reid ’72 Gallery Jody Erdman.

In January, the artwork of Lower School students will be presented in the gallery, allowing these students to show off their projects. Additionally, in February, the gallery will feature the photographs of Barbara Vaughn ’78 and her mother, Martha Vaughn.

In order to properly honor the 50th year of PDS, the second to last exhibition will feature a variety of artwork of PDS alumni. This show will also provide information about what each of these alumni artists have been doing and what they are working on now. Typically, PDS showcases the art of Upper School students in the gallery during this time. Since the commemorative exhibition will be using this space, this art will instead be shown in the atrium. As usual, the gallery will conclude this eventful year by displaying the work of senior artists. This year’s packed gallery line-up is overflowing with talent and is not to be missed.