What’s Hot In Princeton- Bent Spoon


Emma Dries, Staff Photographer

Caroline Bernstein, Staff Writer

Since May of 2004, The Bent Spoon has been serving up homemade ice cream to the Princeton area. Located in Palmer Square, The Bent Spoon is the perfect place to stop for ice cream on a hot summer day, or a steaming cup of hot chocolate on a fall afternoon. With fresh ingredients and a commitment to local farmers, The Bent Spoon owners, Gab Carbone and Matt Erico, go above and beyond to create the best ice cream they can make.

“Matt and I both came from families that loved food, so when we decided that we wanted to do a business, we for sure wanted to do something that helps create food memories. We wanted to create a place where people could come and enjoy themselves and have special occasions and especially create a memory through food,” explained co-owner Carbone on why she and her partner opened The Bent Spoon. Erico and Carbone have always worked hard to make the ice cream eating experience as inviting as possible. Whether by stopping by for a cone or picking up an ice cream cake for a birthday party, The Bent Spoon helps to transform regular moments into memories.

The Bent Spoon’s 11 years of success are thanks to the dedication and enthusiasm of its owners.

“I think if you put a lot of passion and energy and love into your work, sometimes success just follows that,” said Carbone. Clearly, for the pair’s business, success certainly has followed, with The Bent Spoon often being dubbed “Best Ice Cream in New Jersey.”

With over 500 different flavors – ranging from basic vanilla to more daring tastes, such as Sungold Tomato Saffron sorbet – it’s nearly impossible to choose a favorite flavor.

“I really like the raspberry sorbet or the lavender mascarpone,” said junior Julia Marshall. The flavors also change daily in order to use whatever ingredients are in season at the moment. When asked what her favorite flavor was, Carbone replied, “Sometimes it’s just the latest and greatest, the [flavor] that I just came up with, but I eat some version of chocolate ice cream each day.”

Although one common complaint about The Bent Spoon is their high pricing, it still does not stop a flood of customers from pouring through their doors every night. “The Bent Spoon is definitely one of the more unique ice cream places in Princeton, and that uniqueness comes with a price,” said junior Danielle Hirsch, “And while I do wish that they would lower their prices a bit, I don’t think that they really deter anyone from eating there.”

Similarly, junior Ziad Ahmed said that while The Bent Spoon has “ridiculous prices,” they also make “ridiculous sorbet,” showing that while many customers do find the prices, which start at $4.75 a cup, to be a little high, the cost is justified by the high quality of the ice cream.

Next time you are in town, make sure you stop by The Bent Spoon!