PDS remodels for the new year

Arya Jha , Contributing Writer

Remodeled classrooms, new colors, redesigned offices. A stroll around the PDS corridors and campus reveals a host of renovations that have been made throughout the school since last spring. The Middle School classrooms and offices, especially, have undergone a long-overdue update, and other projects include new tiles, cushions, and colors in the Campus Center, new banners around campus, and a new scoreboard at the rink.

No work had been done to the Middle School classrooms for over a decade, and the Middle School project alone cost about $600,000, said Head of School Paul Stellato. However, many feel that the project was well worth the money. The Campus Center has also changed drastically since the end of the past academic year. The snack bar, for example, has changed its color scheme and setup in order to provide a more appealing atmosphere.

Although much has already changed, there are many more upgrades still to come in the 2016-2017 school year. These include new classrooms and offices in Shepherd Commons, changes to the Fox Room to create a dedicated choral music room, alterations to the Upper School library to make it more of a collaborative learning center housing both the SiMS Center and, soon, the Writing Center, and lastly, the creation of a joint computer center for the Middle and Upper Schools. Even after this huge improvement, there are further changes scheduled for the years to come, such as the refurbishing of the classrooms and offices in the language and math hallways in the Upper School. These updates are expected to cost more than $1,000,000 all together.

“Overall,” said Mr. Stellato, “the results have been beautiful,” for this 50th year of PDS. “The Campus Center has never looked better.”