What’s Hot in Princeton- Terhune Orchards

Sarah Prilutsky, Contributing Writer

Terhune Orchards is a name that for many of us evokes images of fall, fun, and donuts. However, Terhune Orchards has much more to offer than just their famous cider donuts. With the farm growing over 40 types of produce, as well as selling many delicious items in their bakery and store, there really is something for everyone. The atmosphere at Terhune is so friendly and calming that it is impossible not to enjoy spending time there. Perhaps this is due to the fact that the Princeton farm has been owned and operated by the Mount family since 1975. Husband and wife team, Gary and Pam Mount, currently run the farm together.

“The most famous thing is the cider donuts,” said Pam Mount, and PDS students definitely agree. “Apple cider donuts are delicious for everyone. Most of the times that we go it is for the donuts,” said sophomore Hannah Rafferty. The popularity of the donuts was seen on Halloween at PDS, when students devoured the many boxes of cider donuts that had been set out in the Campus Center.

I don’t go there too regularly because if I did I would eat all of their donuts. The topping, it’s just so good, the cinnamon sugar,” said sophomore Ella Baseman.

Along with Terhune’s donuts, apples are a big part of their culture. There are so many varieties! You can pick your own apples at the “Pick Your Own” orchard on Van Kirk Road. Many families have a tradition of going to the farm to pick apples, such as sophomore Ella Baseman’s family. “In the fall, my family makes it a point to go at least once,”she said.While the farm attracts many families, there is also so much for high school students to do there, as well.

“We’ve always had high schoolers intern here for us from PDS,” said Pam Mount. This internship program benefits not only Terhune, but also the students, who get to learn the ways of the farm.

It is also a special place for Tom Cook, Terhune’s “Designated Pumpkin Carver.” “It’s nice to see that this is actually being preserved and used for farmland,” he said. Mr. Cook has been carving pumpkins for 15 years, and his wonderful pumpkin designs are on display as you enter Terhune’s Fall Festival.

When Gary and Pam Mount bought the farm in 1975, there were just three things—peaches, pears, and apples— that grew on the farm, and they had little idea of what they were doing. However, with many years of hard work and support from the community, Terhune Orchards has grown successfully and has earned a special place in the hearts of both PDS students and Princeton families alike. Make sure to stop by, get a donut, and enjoy the beautiful farm!