Presidential refresh

Uditi Karna and Elaynah Jamal, News Editors

This year, both new and old faces have stepped into the position of class president to lead their respective grades.

Jed Seinfeld is the new Senior Class President. He has big shoes to fill following the Class of 2016’s former presidents Alex Zheng, who is the current Student Council President, and Noam Yakoby, who is the current Community Council President. He remarked, “I believe that it is my mandate as President of the senior class to ensure a great year for the seniors of 2016. I am planning on collecting class funds for a senior trip at the end of the year and introducing ideas into Student Council. Such ideas including bringing back couches around the school, working with choir staff to allow students to fully enjoy the senior hallway and table. Let’s make it a great year for the class of 2016, party on!”

Junior Class President Jack Mascali is continuing his position as the head of the grade for the second year. His big plan for this year is to sell “Beat Lawrenceville” t-shirts again to raise money for the grade after conducting a successful sale of these shirts during his sophomore year. This time, however, there will be a grade-wide contest for the design of the shirt. Another large responsibility for his class this year is Prom. “Our committee has a great location, exciting theme, and is working on invitations and decorations,” said Mascali.

After tying in their original election and in a run- off, sophomores Rahul Bhatia and Tarika Kumar were elected as co-presidents. They remember being called into their dean’s office and asked whether they wanted to have another run-off or collectively lead the grade. Even though it was an unusual situation, they decided to hold the position jointly because they thought that sharing the power would best represent what their peers wanted. They agreed that fundraising is a major goal for this year.

The Freshman Class President is Shai Fruchter. His goals for the year are to make his grade closer and aid in unifying the Freshman Class with the rest of the Upper School.

With good intentions and big plans, this school year’s class presidents promise not to disappoint. However, time will tell if these presidents can stick to their word and successfully lead not only their respective grades, but also the Upper School