First Ever Spring Production: Radium Girls

Hadeel Eltayeb, Staff Writer for Spokesman

PDS is putting on its first ever spring production this year, taking place during the Performing Arts Festival, from May 14 to 16. The show, Radium Girls, is based on a true story that took place in the 1920’s in New Jersey. “You kind of get to live within a different era,” explained cast member Emily Trend. “It’s really an underdog story that’s kind of underrated because it’s not your average underdog. It’s a bunch of women in the 1920’s, so already you were at a disadvantage … going up against the people who run everything.”

The show is about a group of women who are poisoned in the factory they work at, which causes one woman to stand up to the company, while battling her own illness. The woman in question, Grace Fryer, is played by none other than talented freshman Emily Trend. “Not only is she a strong female character,” said Trend, “she has great motivation behind what she’s trying to do. She’s really very brave, and I wish I could be more like her.”

A unique aspect of the show, according to Director Stan Cahill, is that it will be done in a slightly different manner. “What I hope is that people will enjoy the story, but what’s even cooler is the way we’re telling the story,” he said. Essentially, every actor will be playing multiple roles. “Some get to play three or four, some even get to play six, … with very little in the way of costumes and all that, so it’s kind of cool to see them make these sort of changes and transformations right before your eyes. Hopefully, [the audience] will be interested in the story, but also see a really cool way of working that we haven’t done in the other shows,” said Mr. Cahill.

There will be an emphasis on the actors “creating the audience,”with minimal costumes, props, and set materials,” as Mr. Cahill explained. “People come in and they have these creative ideas … and when you see them play out, you never expect it,” commented junior Rajiv Potluri about the process, adding, “It’s almost as if miracles are happening every time that you come in there.” Potluri, along with junior Austin Phares, is an Assistant Director on the production.

Potluri remarked, “One of our big goals is to move the hearts of the audience, yet still show them the story.”

In short, Radium Girls will entertain all with its profound and ingenious portrayal of a story about people and their evolution in a world they are just beginning to understand. In Trend’s words: “This is the most beautiful part about this play