Athlete of the Month: James Radvany

Sean Nyce, Contributing Writer for Spokesman

Senior James Radvany, May’s Athlete of the Month, started playing baseball at the young age of seven. His dad, who was also a baseball player and led Steinert High School to a state championship, encouraged Radvany to try every sport. Once Radvany picked up a baseball and glove, he had a hard time putting them down. The sport is in his blood and he possesses an inspiring drive for success on the field. He finds his passion and motivation for the game in the relationships he has built with his teammates. “The friendship that Jake, Cole, and I share is really important to the way I play baseball and the success we hope to have this year,” said Radvany, a captain of this year’s team. “We have been friends since freshman year and have become brothers, driving each other to make this last year our best.”

While the team did not achieve the successful season they were hoping to have last year, Radvany thinks of 2015 as a turning point for the program: “We were able to give a lot of younger guys playing time and experience, and all of those guys have grown greatly over the past year and are contributing nicely to this year’s team.”

Playing at PDS has has taught Radvany that the key to success in baseball is being selfless and buying into a team concept. “Throughout my four years on the team, the PDS baseball program has taught me to play team baseball,” he commented. He continued, “Playing for a school like PDS means not always having the most talent on the field,so we strive to play the game hard and the right way.” He has also learned how to deal with failure and painful losses: “There have been some tough moments in the past, but they have prepared me for this senior season.”

The baseball team appreciates Radvany’s four year contribution at PDS and he will be hard to replace as he moves on to Villanova, a Division I school, this fall. “What I will miss most about James is his positive attitude and the way he leads the team,” said junior Ryan Augustus, one of Radvany’s teammates. Radvany’s friendliness, passion for the game, and natural leadership are traits all associate him with on and off the field in the PDS community and the Spokesman looks forward to cheering him on at Villanova.

Get to Know James

Walk Up Song: Pot of Gold by The Game Favorite Player: Mike Trout
Favorite Activity: Bowling
Pre-Game Ritual: Early batting practice