Vik Projects Premier League Final Standings

Oscar Vik, Contributing Writer for Spokesman

For you Premier League newcomers, there are 92 professional football (soccer) clubs in the United Kingdom, 20 of which play in the world’s most prestigious football league: the Barclays Premier League (BPL). The Premier League is the zenith of competitive football; being among those 20 elite clubs is massive in terms of prestige, and it gives a club the financial muscle that they need to stay competitive. These 20 teams are not permanent fixtures in the BPL, however. There is something called relegation where the three lowest ranked Premier League clubs are demoted. Try this in the NBA or the NFL and it would probably lead to riots.

The 2014-2015 Premier League season is in its final stretch, with Chelsea having a comfortable four point lead on Arsenal with two games in hand, and Chelsea, Arsenal, Manchester United, and Manchester City being likely qualifiers for the European Champions League tournament. Alternatively, the less glamorous clubs in the league such as Leicester City, Burnley, QPR, Hull City, Sunderland, Aston Villa, and West Bromwich Albion. are now realizing, much to their dismay, that they could fall down the rabbit hole into the second tier of English football, a purgatory between the Premier League and the Lower Leagues.

As we draw closer to May, things will change, given the volatile nature of the Premier League. However, here are my premature end of season BPL predictions:

Oscar’s Picks:

  1. Chelsea
  2. Arsenal
  3. Manchester United
  4. Manchester City
  5. Liverpool
  6. Tottenham
  7. Southampton
  8. Swansea City
  9. West Ham
  10. Everton
  11. Stoke City
  12. Newcastle
  13. Aston Villa
  14. West Brom
  15. Hull City
  16. Leicester City
  17. Suderland
  18. QPR
  19. Burnley