What’s hot in Princeton: Say Cheez

Emily Um, Staff Writer for Spokesman

Grilled cheese, a classic American comfort food, has its own home right here in downtown Princeton. Say Cheez is a small, takeout eatery, established about a year ago. It makes, as its name suggests, all types of grilled cheese sandwiches from the simple to the unique. The small hole-in-the-wall restaurant serves up huge flavor, all made-to-order, and the kind staff only adds to the welcoming feel of the place.

With vegan and gluten-free options, numerous different specials, and hundreds of different make-your-own grilled cheese combinations, there is something for everyone at Say Cheez. If you’re feeling bold, you could go for their most unconventional and most buzzed-about menu item, the Glazed Haze. The sandwich is a pepperjack and cheddar grilled cheese on a glazed donut. Although junior Julie Goldberg finds it unusual, she praised the meal: “They make it so that the glazed part of donut is on the inside, so the cheese just melts right into the sugary goodness. It’s so unique, delicious, and just out of this world!”

Many other students, like junior Kevin Deng, recommend the Mac and Cheese sandwich, with gooey macaroni and cheese in between two slices of white bread. The Westmister, which is a rye bread sandwich with grilled chicken breast, taco meat, bacon, jalapeños, and cheddar and Monterey jack cheese, was also praised.

Others go for the make-your-own sandwich option. Senior Harper Joseph’s favorite combination is cheddar on sourdough, while junior Noam Yakoby prefers two types of American, potato chips, and tomatoes on white bread. Some can’t even choose a “usual” order because of the endless options. Junior Uditi Karna claimed that the first time she ate at Say Cheez, she was flustered when the cashier was ready to take her order because she just couldn’t decide what to get.

Besides grilled cheese, Say Cheez offers other unique French-fry specials like their “Tiger Fries”, which are fries with ghost pepper, salt, and their special spicy chipotle “Tiger Sauce”, as well as their “Disco Fries”, which feature fries with cheese sauce, gravy, and brisket bits. Juniors Mia Wong and Carina Dhru also raved about the onion rings there, and declared, “They’re so good!” In addition, breakfast is offered all day, with plenty of choices, like French toast and omelettes. They even offer breakfast sandwiches, like senior Caroline Lippman’s sandwich of choice, egg and cheese with bacon.

However, the food in Say Cheez is not exclusive to hearty American dishes and meals. The location was previously owned by Zorba’s Brother, a Mediterranean style restaurant next to the Paper Source on Nassau Street, so the Say Cheez menu also has a “Zorba’s Legacy” section, featuring a few Mediterranean dishes such as the Gyro and the Spanakopita.

Another great part about Say Cheez is the fact that it delivers. If you are sitting in your room and have a sudden craving for a grilled cheese sandwich or any other menu item, a Say Cheez delivery is just a phone call away.

With the convenience of delivery, great taste, and a vast variety of menu options and choices, Say Cheez is a place everyone will enjoy!