Uplifting the Voices of Princeton Day School

The Spokesman

Uplifting the Voices of Princeton Day School

The Spokesman

Uplifting the Voices of Princeton Day School

The Spokesman

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A Journey of Renewal- Madame Farhat’s Sabbatical

(Photo/Princeton Day School)

In the fast-paced and stressful life of academia, the notion of taking a step back from the constant barrage of work might seem counterintuitive. With that notion in mind,  a period of leave granted to teachers for research or personal development, is an option that PDS faculty members can choose.  It may just seem like an extended vacation, but it is rather a period of growth. Classical and Modern Languages Department Chair Laurence Farhat will be leaving PDS next semester for her sabbatical. 

After almost two decades of work at PDS, her decision to apply for a sabbatical is not surprising, as she explained that she “felt the need to take a break and rest.” Madame Farhat stated,“I want to take the time to read the books and the articles, watch the videos and listen to the podcasts about teaching languages that I have set aside for ‘when I have time.’” She will now have the time to take part in the activities that she has wanted to do for a while, including traveling around the world. 

Madame Farhat “hopes to be able to delve into pedagogy, specifically teaching and learning languages as well as visit schools in France and in Europe, and to ask questions about their approach and their practice of teaching and learning languages.” Even when she is given time to relax her mind, spirit, and soul, Madame Farhat still strives to be an even better educator. 

Finally, she offers advice to both students and faculty that may be seeking a similar goal in the future. She views taking a sabbatical, similarly to senior projects, as she stated: “It is a rare opportunity to dig deep into something that really interests you, but that you have been postponing because there are so many urgent things that need to get done.” 

She also stated that having a plan is essential when given time to work on something you’re passionate about, for if not the time may go by without you even noticing and without you even starting your project. Students in all of her classes will be sad to lose her for a month, but the entire PDS community will undoubtedly be eagerly awaiting her return. 

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