Uplifting the Voices of Princeton Day School

The Spokesman

Uplifting the Voices of Princeton Day School

The Spokesman

Uplifting the Voices of Princeton Day School

The Spokesman

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The Next Chapter for Beloved Teacher Mr. Cara

(Photo/Alex Chia 26)
(Photo/Alex Chia ’26)

Sophomore Dean and Science Teacher Carlos Cara’s PDS journey is coming to a close. After 41 years of dedication, Mr. Cara’s story at PDS starts with the maintenance team. He described this stage in his career as a“well-kept secret,” and this job was his initial contribution to the campus. After joining the PDS faculty, Mr. Cara brought in new elective classes such as Genetics, eventually earning the role of Science Department Chair, which he held for 18 years. Throughout Mr Cara’s career, he has held many different roles such as class dean and even the position of the PDS Boys Varsity Soccer Coach, for the Mercer County Tournament Champion team. He held the position of head soccer coach for ten years, was an assistant coach for the PDS Girls Lacrosse Team, and then went on to coach the MS Blue hockey team.  Mr. Cara greatly enjoyed this part of his career, and having the opportunity to see his athletes walking through the halls of school each day. Mr. Cara reflected, “The common denominator, probably in all of that, was the kids. That is where that youthful joy that they have, which enables them to accomplish what they thought they couldn’t accomplish, and seeing the satisfaction at the end of the road when they graduate […] I think that’s the thing that keeps you at this job year after year.”

PDS has always been “student-centered,” said Mr. Cara. While everything has changed over time, when he reflects on his time at PDS, Mr. Cara is most grateful for the people that he had the opportunity to work with, and the relationships that he built.

Mr. Cara is not only a teacher but also a PDS parent, and his students feel his fatherly approach in the school setting. “He sees all of his students as his own kids,” said Junior Reese Overman. Senior Madison Trend agreed, noting that “Mr. Cara always has the kids’ best interest at heart. He’s the type of guy to defend students.”

Thinking of life after PDS, Mr. Cara looks to spend time with family. Mr. Cara described his five-year-old granddaughter as “just wonderful….I want to spend as much time as I can with her.” Mr. Cara is also looking forward to spending time with his wife and kids and staying at their Massachusetts cottage. 

Looking back at his four decades of teaching, Mr. Cara is grateful for his time at PDS. “I gave a lot of service to the school, which I’m happy about. I had a blast doing it and can’t believe it’s been 41 years. It passed by so quickly.”

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