Uplifting the Voices of Princeton Day School

The Spokesman

Uplifting the Voices of Princeton Day School

The Spokesman

Uplifting the Voices of Princeton Day School

The Spokesman

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What’s Big in Fashion This Fall?


Since the rise of TikTok, fashion has changed immensely and continues to evolve as the trend cycle rotates faster than ever. Recently, the baggy jeans of the early 2000s have made a comeback, alongside shoes including the Adidas Sambas, the Reebok Club C, New Balance 550s, and the Adidas campuses. All these shoes went in and out of style in a few months. So, what’s going to be big in fashion this fall?

Popular TikTok creator Diddypop is repopularizing archival fashion. Archival fashion is characterized by individuals picking pieces from fashion designers’ earlier collections, some dating back decades. These pieces have become increasingly expensive and rare as designers become more reputable and widely known. Examples of archival fashion that Diddybop has been seen wearing are Rick Owens, Balenciaga, Hysteric Glamour, and Chrome Hearts. Diddybop also dances and makes videos with songs of artists who dress in this style. He has recently posted his outfits to his second account, Trap Queen Owen. He styles these outfits with a tighter t-shirt and looser pants, giving his outfits a more proportional dimension. Diddybop has revolutionized the Gen Z fashion scene, and you can expect to see more archival fashion this fall.

Outside of TikTok, fashion humor is on the rise. “I think the rise of humor in fashion is very interesting. Brands like Vetements have been doing this for ages, but right now, more and more people are wearing shirts with funny phrases,” says sophomore Lloyd Jin. Jin’s favorite brands are Hysteric Glamour, Vivienne Westwood, and Undercover.

With the rise of social media and connectivity, trends have continued to evolve, now primarily influenced by the internet. Baggy jeans have made a comeback over skinny or relaxed-fit jeans. Workwear has also risen in popularity, with brands like Carhartt and Wrangler finding a new audience among teenagers. Many other styles, primarily influenced by 20+-year-old trends, like the Y2k styles that marked the beginning of the millennium and archive fashion, have become popular. In some ways, this reflects how fashion often repeats itself; each new generation takes inspiration from a previous one but with its own spin, and so on.

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