Exploring New Interests: Should PDS Have More Clubs?


(Artwork/Kayla Zhang ’24)

Sophia Barber, Online Staff Writer

PDS offers many student clubs and activities, some that may be more fitting to specific students’ interests than others. Almost all clubs are student-run, allowing people to engage and collaborate with those who share similar interests. Clubs integrate students into a shared community as they voice their opinions and thoughts on things they collectively enjoy or are passionate about. Every year, new options are added to the roster of the many clubs available to the student body. In fact, the Club Fair at the beginning of the year demonstrates just how much these groups have an impact on building a diverse and vibrant school. 

What do some of our current students think about the clubs we have here at PDS? Freshman Simran Malik states, “I think that PDS has a lot of clubs already, and I love that there are so many opportunities. The thing is, though, I think there might be too many clubs. I don’t think that some of the club heads and co-heads can keep club meetings happening consistently, and so some people are signing up for stuff and are in clubs, but they aren’t engaged or meeting with the club at all.” Although the Club Fair has many tables set up, some only meet a few times a year, and others do not meet at all. There are many students across the school that are “in” clubs, but don’t actively participate in their activities. Malik believes adding more clubs will be too much for anyone; however, another student shares a different perspective.

Freshman Harrison Bagga believes that “PDS should create more clubs to offer interesting opportunities in every facet of the world. Then, students could allow their voices to be heard in settings they enjoy, with people they like, in clubs where their interests lie.” Despite the many clubs that PDS offers currently, there are still more interests to cover within the school. Clubs are a safe space for students’ opinions and empowerment. Clubs are also areas in which one can explore a new interest and meet students of similar interests, possibly even making some new friends along the way. Clubs play an integral role in fostering a sense of community at PDS.

PDS clubs should work towards meeting more often. Most clubs meet once every cycle or sometimes every other cycle. However, because some clubs rarely meet, students can be less engaged or interested than when they originally signed up. In the future, clubs can have activities outside of school where students can get to know each other better outside of a classroom setting.