Where Should You Buy Your Books?


Meera Shah

(Artwork/Meera Shah ’25)

Ruth Mehreteab, News Associate

There are numerous locations that PDS students enjoy going whenever they are looking for a good book to read. For those who like to own their books rather than borrow them from the library, there is always a spot that comes to mind when choosing a location! Sophomore Sophie Takano shares that Amazon offers a diverse selection of books for different age levels. Specifically, she highlights, “buying and enjoying mystery and classic novels.” Takano enjoys reading mysterious books as “the plots are filled with twists and turns which keeps [her] invested throughout the whole book.”

In addition, sophomore Amy Lauer states that she buys her books from Barnes & Noble. Lauer explains how “you are able to pick and choose from the different genres,” which she enjoys. Furthermore, she is able to read books from various genres. Lauer is interested in reading fantasy, science-fiction, and young-adult fiction books. A novel she would recommend to the PDS community would be the Percy Jackson books and the Kane Chronicles.

There are countless books out there for students interested in a wide variety of genres. You can go to a local bookstore like Labyrinth Books in Princeton or even stop at the Panther Den to take a look. I enjoy getting my books by heading over to Barnes and Noble. If you’re not one for buying books, though, be sure to check out your local library or the Upper School library with their wide variety of books, ranging from biographies to science-fiction novels.