Introducing the Winter Track Club


Nancy Erickson

A photo from the 2022 Spring Track season (Photo/PDS Flickr)

Harrison Bagga, Print Staff Writer

Did you know that PDS now has a Winter Track Club? Founded in the spring of 2022, numerous competitive athletes at PDS participate in the Spring Track program. However, many members expressed their wish for a “pre-season” of sorts, thus creating the Winter Track Club that debuted this year.

Coach Mark Adams, an instrumental part of PDS sports for decades, hosts many of these practices. The Winter Track Club allows members to hone their skills in a more individualized setting in preparation for spring track. Junior Emily McCann shared her thoughts on the future of the club, commenting, “I have been running essentially since last March…and have seen very good results.” McCann believes that the Winter Track Club will nurture an even stronger spring team, and some PDS athletes even hope the winter track team will evolve from a club to a full-fledged varsity sport.

Whether it be sprinting or hurdling, the club currently practices at PDS’s very own Kruger Field, with practices being offered for distance runners a couple times a week. Although attendance is variable, the roster for spring track is big, indicating a promising outlook for the upcoming season.

Junior Harleen Sandhu further comments on the rewarding aspects of running and the opportunities the Winter Track Club provides, commenting, “running has both physically and mentally pushed me to be the strongest person I can be.” The physical aspect of the sport teaches athletes mental fortitude, persistence, and discipline. Thanks to PDS’s track coaches and the dedicated athletes who attend the Winter Track Club, the club’s future looks bright, and its athletes are (pun fully intended) prepared to hit the ground running this spring track season.