America’s Favorite Breakfast


Amy Lin

(Artwork/Amy Lin ’26)

Sophia Barber, Online Staff Writer

Cereal is one of America’s most popular breakfast dishes. Cereal can be eaten in different ways, such as with or without milk or as a snack on a long road trip, and varies in flavors. There are several kinds to choose from; from flavor, shape, and texture, there are all kinds of cereal to eat. Some popular brands include Frosted Flakes, Cheerios, Cinnamon Toast Crunch, and Fruity Pebbles.

Princeton Day School’s students share some thoughts on their favorite cereal. Junior Katie Zarish-Yusunas says, “My favorite type of cereal is Cheerios or Special K!! I love cereal…It makes me feel happy and always makes me excited to start my day!” Cereal is the perfect dish to begin the day with because it is sweet and always delicious. Cheerios is a classic, healthy cereal that has been in the market since 1941 and comes in several other flavors besides the original, such as oat crunch or apple cinnamon. Like other cereals, it can be eaten as a quick snack and fill an empty stomach. Like Cheerios, Special K also comes with healthier options that help individual needs. Special K offers various flavors, from vanilla to almond, red berries, chocolate delight, and many more. The brand itself also has other breakfast options, such as nutritious bars. Freshman Sara Nandwana says, “I like Cheerios, especially the honey ones, because they are super good plain and with milk.” Sometimes choosing a classic is just the way to go when deciding what to start the day with, and Cheerios is one of those cereals that is tasty on its own and with milk.

Senior Paige Gardner says, “My favorite cereal is peanut butter panda puffs, which is weird because no one eats it, but it’s gas, I swear. They have such a good crunch!” Although Peanut Butter Panda Puffs are not a common choice of cereal, it is still delicious. This cereal is organic and made with no artificial flavor, making it a nutritious option. Sometimes the best cereals are the ones that are rarely recognized.

My favorite cereal to start my day with is Frosted Flakes. What I enjoy most about it is that it can be eaten alone or with milk, yet it still tastes fantastic either way. I love the sweet, sugary taste of the cereal, and it never fails to disappoint. While there are varying opinions on the optimal type of cereal, most people agree that you can rarely go wrong with a fresh bowl of cereal to start your day.