How Did PDS Celebrate Valentine’s Day?



Carol Zhang, Online Staff Writer

On February 14th, the PDS community took the opportunity to partake in an eventful Valentine’s Day filled with joy and laughter. The Upper School Service Learning Committee, deans, and Student Life Committee collaborated to host a campus-wide celebration. Students entering the school were welcomed by lockers decorated with heart-shaped lollipops and handwritten notes written by members of the Service Learning Committee, which organized the initiative, and the Student Life Committee, which assisted, taped to their lockers. During Community Block, students also flocked to a Valentine’s Day celebration in the Campus Center. Upon entering the Campus Centers, students were greeted by festival decorations and three stations that deans had set up. Each station served different treats, adding a sweet touch to the celebration. Several jars of lemonade were also available to quench people’s thirst. The cookie’s sweetness blended with the slightly sour lemonade made for an exciting and enjoyable combination.

On the right side was the most exciting part of the celebration—carnations bought from the carnation sale organized by the junior class a week prior. When asked about her thoughts on the sale, Junior Isabel Cook remarked, “I think it’s really cute, and I feel like people were showing more school spirit for Valentine’s Day than they even do for Halloween. I like how you can get carnations for your friends and not just your [significant others].” According to Junior Gloria Wang, the celebration was exceptional, as COVID-19 restrictions dominated the Valentine’s Day celebrations of the past few years. Wang commented, “I love the notes and the celebrations throughout the school!”

Besides the brief Upper School celebration in the Campus Center during Community Block, gift exchanges were seen throughout PDS during the day, and pleasantries were exchanged between students and faculties. The festivity of the day’s events has set an impressive precedent for future years. Still, as always, the student body and faculty’s consistent and enthusiastic participation ensures that Valentine’s Day in the years to come will be just as enjoyable.