Cookies Galore: What is the Best Girl Scout Cookie?


Hannah Park

(Artwork/Hannah Park ’24)

Michelle Xu, Online Features Editor

There is something special about opening a pack of fresh, new, Girl Scout cookies. As the sugary-sweet scent fills the room, it is tempting not to eat the entire box in one sitting. Though the enjoyment of eating Girl Scout cookies remains unanimous, there is one question that has been debated upon between those that eat the sweet snack: what is the best Girl Scout cookie?


Sophomore Kavita Amin was a Girl Scout during her childhood years. She remembers knocking on the doors of the houses in her neighborhood to sell the delicious cookies to her community. Amin’s favorite is the classic Thin Mints: a minty-chocolate cookie coated in another layer of chocolate. She states that her “favorite way to eat them is straight out of the freezer.” Amin notes that an underrated choice is the Lemonades, her second favorite type of Girl Scout cookie. Lemonades are shortbread cookies coated with a sour lemon icing. She enjoys the unique and refreshing flavor that is not too overpowering or sweet. Finally, Amin believes that the popular Samoas cookie is too sugary for her palette, and she would much rather have a cookie that has a lighter flavor.


Junior Evan Lin enjoys eating Girl Scout cookies as well. Contrary to Amin, Lin’s favorite cookies are the Samoas: crispy donut-shaped cookies with caramel, coconut, and dark chocolate. Lin believes that the flakes of coconut complement the cookie’s crispy texture because they are softer. Additionally, Lin enjoys the sugary caramel as it makes the treat chewier. However, Lin states that those that do not enjoy coconut in general most likely won’t enjoy Samoas cookies.


Though I do not eat Girl Scout cookies as much as before, I remember that my favorite Girl Scout cookies were Thin Mints. Not only is it the most classic and originial flavor of Girl Scout cookies, but it is also a safe option for any person that is new to Girl Scout cookies. As someone that doesn’t typically enjoy the combination of mint and chocolate, I was very surprised when I tried this cookie for the first time. Though Samoas are a close second, nothing beats the quintessential Girl Scout cookie: Thin Mints.