Top 5 Places To Nap at PDS


Ashlyn Du

Artwork depicts person taking a nap. What’s your favorite nap spot at PDS?(Artwork/Ashlyn Du ’24)

Sara Nandwana, Online Staff Writer

It goes without saying that school can be tiring. From hours of homework, athletics, and even extracurriculars, it is likely for a student to want to take a nap during the school day. At PDS, here are some fan-favorite places to take a nap. 


At number 5, we have the couch in the art room. In the large art classroom, there is a comfy couch there for students to unwind. Sophomore Abby Leonardi mentioned, “What makes [the art room couch] really special is that it’s in a more private space which means that I feel safe and secure.” This cozy couch is a place many students feel comfortable in and can get some sleep. 


Number 4 is the gazebo in the lower school playground. On days with a beautiful sun and a calming breeze, an empty gazebo is the perfect place for a nap. Before middle schoolers come out for recess, it is a very pleasant place for a quick nap outside. 


Number 3: the couches in the library. After a long test, there is no better place to relax than the gray chairs in the corner of the library. With the quiet and peaceful environment, it is no surprise that this area is a preferred space for students to catch up on much-needed sleep.  


At number 2, is the couches in Shepherd Commons. These couches are big and very comfortable. It is the best place to lie down after a rough day. Freshman Jessica Salguero says, “Shepherd is my personal favorite since the couches are so comfy and just really nice.” The bright blue couches can make anyone feel better. 


Number 1, the most popular place to nap on campus, is the booths in the campus center. Undoubtedly, these booths have the comfiest couches. It is the ideal place for a quick power nap while being snuggled in the corner. The booths are the ultimate place to get ready for your next class. 


School can drain people sometimes and not everyone can get the recommended 8 hours of sleep every night, so sometimes naps are a must. PDS has some top-rated nap locations for anyone who is in need of some rest.