What is the Best Pizza in Princeton?



Spokesman Writer

The PDS community often debates what ranks as the best pizza in Princeton, yet there is still no definitive consensus. There are countless places, each with its unique kind of pizza to offer customers. So, what is the best pizza in Princeton?

Conte’s and Jules are local favorites. Some Princetonians like Conte’s for its thin-crusted pies and optimal hangout space. Others claim that Jules Thin Crust is the best for its accessibility and delicious pizza. Overall, location is the main difference between these two places; when PDS students get pizza in Princeton, they often want it to be in an easily accessible area of town. For example, many like Jules for convenience in the center of Princeton, but others still prefer Conte’s, though it is slightly out of the way. 

Junior Arun Patel has a different opinion: “Pizza Den is the best pizza in Princeton. It’s not too far out of the way and really quick.” Patel’s stance on this issue reflects many students’ need for a rapid and convenient pizza spot. Patel also enjoys Nomad Pizza, another popular place in Princeton that is slightly different from the others. Nomad is more of a sit-down restaurant rather than a grab-and-go type. He concludes, “Nomad is the best-tasting pizza, but it is fancy and kind of out of the way.” It is evident that people take into account location as much as taste. Patel’s favorite pizza place is Pizza Den, although it is not his favorite-tasting pizza. 

Furthermore, there are many gems people usually wouldn’t consider when discussing this matter. For instance, according to junior Aadi Shankar, “The best pizza place isn’t Conte’s or Jules; it’s Teresa Caffe. They have some of the best pizza in all of Princeton.” Shankar’s take is unique; though Teresa Caffe does not specialize in pizza specifically, Shankar prefers it to other places in Princeton. 

There is no clear pattern for PDS students’ thoughts on the best pizza in Princeton. The vast selection includes places with distinctive characteristics, making it nearly impossible to decide. Ultimately, it comes down to what customers prioritize in their favorite pizza spot: location, taste, or accessibility. It all depends on the person.