60 Seconds With: Mr. Stellato

Spend 60 seconds with the Head of the School. What is his biggest concern? Does he dance? Read the shocking answers here…

Chloe Berger, Digital Editor

What’s your favorite ice cream flavor?

Chocolate Chip Peanut Butter.

What is currently your biggest area of concern in the school?

My biggest area of concern is always having enough financial aid to enroll students who want to enroll.

What do you grab first in a hypothetical fire?

My wife.

Should the school monitor a student’s social media usage?

We shouldn’t have to but sometimes we do.

Do you think PDS should require all students to have vaccinations?


What your favorite song to dance to?

I don’t do a lot of dancing.

How much freedom of speech should students have when functioning in a community?

They should have as much freedom of speech as they can handle respectfully.

Bonus questions!

Even though our time was up, Mr. Stellato agreed to answer a few extra questions…

How can we address the issue of increased demand for financial aid?

We can address that by raising more money for endowment for financial aid.

What is keeping PDS from raising the amount of money needed for financial aid?

Dollars are just tough to raise, but in our planning, certainly raising dollars for financial aid is at the top of the list.

What does it mean for a student to handle themselves respectfully?

I think to be respectful is to understand that speech has consequences for the people around you.