SZA Triumphantly Returns to Music With Hit Album SOS


Elena Sichel

SZA’s new album “SOS” was a hit after her return to music (Artwork/Elena Sichel ’24)

Sam Cohen, Online Staff Writer

Singer and songwriter SZA has returned from her five-year hiatus and is now experiencing a new level of stardom with her hit sophomore album SOS. The album was released in December 2022, and SZA’s new confidence has nearly landed her her first #1 song with “Kill Bill.” The song sits at #2 as of Mid-January 2023 with 14 other songs from SOS decorating the Billboard Top 100. Her glamorous debut album, Ctrl, was released in 2017,  and has maintained a chokehold on R&B and hip-hop fans for the past five years. Luckily, SZA’s fans were able to rejoice once again after giving SOS a listen. When asked about his first impressions on the album, junior Tyler Nelson said, “I don’t know what I was expecting at all, but SOS definitely exceeded my expectations. There’s a song on there for every mood, every person, every vibe, it’s just fire! 10/10 no skips.” SZA did not hold back on the record length, releasing 23 songs spanning over one hour. The album has topped the Billboard Top 100 albums for the past 5 weeks, and its lasting popularity has nothing to do with her fame. SZA has been able to find a pocket of success characteristic of the Ctrl era, and the emotional, lively, and addictive songs support this. When asked about the differences between Ctrl and SOS, Nelson added, “As a whole, [SOS] feels very different to Ctrl, in a good way! The content touches on a lot of different subjects, with a bunch of different sounds. Yet, somehow, the album still sounds cohesive, the way that Ctrl did.” My personal favorite album of hers is still Ctrl, but SOS grows on me with each listen. Next for SZA is her SOS stadium tour starting in February. I was lucky enough to get tickets to her sold-out show in Philadelphia. Omar Apollo, another immensely talented artist, is the opening act, and they are sure to bring an amazing show. SZA did what many artists still have great difficulty accomplishing: successfully returning to music while also garnering praise from fans both new and old. Although SZA has been weary about her future in the music industry, for now, she is a force to be reckoned with.

Album Rating: 8.8/10