Club Profile: Cybersecurity Club


(Artwork/Hannah Park ’24)

Hellen Jin, Online News Editor

Are you interested in learning more about cybersecurity, or even just want to understand what cybersecurity is? The cybersecurity club, founded by senior Jenny Fan and sophomore Hannah Park, is the place for you! Although the club started up not too long ago, its unique perspective on technology has attracted many students. 

When asked what the club really entails, Park explains, “We’re part of a national organization (CyberStart) that encourages cybersecurity awareness and gives students opportunities to learn and practice cyber skills.” CyberStart is a free online organization that promotes cybersecurity-relevant programs for ninth through twelfth graders in the hope of helping students explore their passion for cybersecurity. Park continues, “In all honesty, I was a beginner when Jenny and I started this club, but CyberStart made learning the skills we needed really accessible. That’s why I feel comfortable inviting people of any skill level to join!” Park encourages students to not hesitate to join the club. 

Fan explains, “We started the club to encourage more people to explore cybersecurity and related areas in a safe and beginner-friendly environment,” once again promoting the club’s agenda of promoting inclusiveness regarding cybersecurity. Fan also adds, “As a club, we participate in cybersecurity challenges that work on building skills little by little in a fun and immersive experience.” The club participates in national competitions regularly, and the sign-up for the competition ended just last month! Jenny also applauds her teammates: “In the past years, we’ve been able to qualify for and compete in national tournaments, which is extremely exciting since we all started as beginners!”

The club meets regularly during lunch on Day 2 in the computer lab. Do not hesitate to join their discussions if the topic of cybersecurity interests you!