Squid Game Hype


(Artwork/Yvonne Wang’22)

Kyler Zhou, Online News Editor

It’s the show that everyone’s talking about, and if you haven’t already watched it, it’s because you don’t have the stomach for it. Squid Game, the most-watched original series of all time, is a Kafkaesque story (​​characteristic of the nightmarish qualities of Franz Kafka’s fictional world) of 456 indebted “players” who risk their lives participating in twisted versions of popular Korean playgoround games to win 45.6 billion won, which equates to roughly 39 million dollars.

For some viewers, Squid Game is all about obsessing over Player 067 or the cute detective Hwang. For others, it’s about the Dalgona candy that has become viral on TikTok and other social media platforms. And for nerds (like me), it’s about the allegory depicting the dangers of capitalism and the growing wealth and class disparity in South Korea. Here’s what the PDS community has to say about it.

Junior Hellen Jin’s favorite part of the show was the scene when Player 067 played marbles against Player 240. In this scene, Player 067 reveals that she is participating in the Squid Game so that she can use the money to create a better future for her brother, and to find her mother who is stuck in North Korea. In a tear-wrenching twist of events, Player 240 sacrifices herself by dropping her marble, explaining that she has nothing else to live for after the murders of her mother and father. “This whole show was very cold, but that scene showed that love exists in every corner of our society,” Jin explains.

Freshman Sanjana Thakur, however, thought that Squid Game was “pretty overrated,” but appreciated how it was a “new idea” that she found interesting. She hopes that season two of Squid Game includes more than just the game show and explores more of each character’s individual stories. 

Squid Game is a unique show that, despite its goriness, keeps the viewer at the edge of their seat, leaving them  with high expectations for the future of Squid Game in season two. Will Player 456 return to Squid Game, or will he go to the U.S. and see his daughter? Will we get to learn more of the Front Man’s background? Surely, we will find out.