Red (Taylor’s Version)

(Artwork/Hannah Park24)

(Artwork/Hannah Park’24)

Divya Sharma, Online Sports Editor

After a long-anticipated release singer-songwriter and pop phenomenon Taylor Swift rereleased her original 2012 album Red (Taylor’s Version) at 12 AM on November 12.  Red (Taylor’s Version) features 30 revamped songs, with many bringing back memories of the past decade, such as hits “22” and “We Are Never Getting Back Together.” The album also features several  entirely new or modified releases, such as “Nothing New,” which features Phoebe Bridgers, and the 10-minute version of Swift’s classic “All Too Well.” The new Red (Taylor’s Version) is Swift’s second re-recorded album, following her chart-topping Fearless (Taylor’s version) from last April, and is part of the six albums she is planning on re-recording and releasing following the controversy regarding the ownership and management of her previous records. Fans were proud that Swift was able to regain her records. As Junior Zoe Latanision shares,  “I just love how she’s reclaiming her music and now that she’s old[er], I think it’s better!”

The album itself generated many positive and surprising reactions. Senior and avid “Swiftie” Genesis Rivera states,  “My impression of the album after hearing it was that it was even better than the original.” Similar to Rivera, many fans were surprised that Swift was able to truly replicate the original album as well as add a new and mature tone into her songs. However, the greatest highlight for fans of this release is the short film that premiered with Swift’s fan-favorite “All Too Well”  Unsurprisingly, the film was an immediate hit. Rivera said that she “loved the changes and the entire film.”  Senior Sarina Hasan also added that “listening and watching it was a revitalizing experience.” 

For those who want to relive the pop-classics of the 2010s, along with experiencing Swift’s new and unfolding musical journey, this album is the best place to start!