Top 5 Places to Cry at PDS


(Artwork/Kacey Fisher’22)

Sanjana Paramesh, Online Opinions Editor

From Honors Chem to Studio Geometry, there are countless courses at PDS that, while fascinating, can be the prompter of tears for many students. The other day, I overheard a group of freshmen talking about their English essay grades in Shepherd, and one said, “I’m kinda disappointed– I only got a 94.” As a senior that has written her fair share of essays, I couldn’t help but cackle. Hate to break it to you, freshmen, but someday in the near future, you will be praying for a B+. But I’ve been where you are, so in the meantime, I’ve provided a list of the top five best places to cry on the PDS campus– it is very likely that you’ll need it.


  1. The Arts Atrium Stairwell

My personal favorite, I came here often after getting back Honors Chem and Algebra II tests–needless to say, my sophomore year was spent puffy-eyed. While the Arts Atrium itself is quite echoey, the stairwell is almost always deserted, with few people ever having a use for it. Not only is it relatively unoccupied, it is also quite accessible, just a quick jog from the math hallway, and it gets the job done. Highly recommend.


  1. The Library Stairwell

There seems to be a pattern here, but I promise it checks out. Like the former, the library stairwell is a great place to gain control over your tears before they control you. The bright white walls of PDS stairwells are great counters for the darkness inside you at the moment, and if you’re a STEAM kid weighed down by the extremely heavy weight of an A- in Q’s class, the proximity to Shepherd is quite useful.


  1. The Senior Hallway

While this may be an intimidating place for underclassmen, the senior hallway can serve as a nice, secluded space for juniors panicking over SAT prep and seniors finishing supplements for their twenty-something college applications (or trying to). And…you guessed it. The platform in the stairwell next to it can serve the same purpose.


  1. Upper floor of the Library

We students at PDS have the luxury of an incredibly spacious library; the upper floor can offer some great spaces to let your eyes sweat in peace. The cubicles are a quiet working space, so it is unlikely that anyone would dare bother you, lest they incur the wrath of Ms. Matlack. Though this space may not work for loud criers, being surrounded by three walls can assure you the privacy to let the misty blur of initial tears swell without judgment. A bonus–once you’re done, you already have a quiet place to take notes on Dr. Gadd’s latest PowerPoint– keeping your misery efficient.


  1. The gender-neutral bathrooms

Bathrooms are always nice locations to bawl, but it can get extremely awkward when you leave your stall and realize that the bathroom is completely crowded, and that several people have heard your wails of despair. Therefore, I recommend the gender-neutral bathrooms for their privacy, space, and comfort of the new renovations. Use this one wisely.


Some honorary mentions:

  •   The stairwell that leads up to the physics classroom, for its proximity to the science hallways.
  •   The various courtyards which, during class periods, are relatively secluded.
  •   The theater when nothing is in session. I promise Mr. Malone and Mr. Paine wouldn’t judge you even if you were caught.
  •   Your favorite teacher’s office (I personally love Madame Farhat and Dr. Manzulli’s offices).