Spotify vs. Apple Music


Spokesman Writer

“Check what he’s listening to,” your average Spotify user would say. But in the corner of that room, observing the conversation from Spotify users, an Apple Music listener scoffs, “Well he’s just jealous that the Spotify karaoke feature fails to portray what actual Karaoke feels like, the text blurring out after you pass each line.” Apple music enthusiasts and Spotify connoisseurs argue all the time when in reality, there isn’t much difference between the two platforms except for small details. 

As sophomore Arun Patel claims, “ I don’t listen to music but if I did, I would choose Apple Music because it has a cooler logo and I’m a big fan of Apple products.” Interestingly, many agree with Patel, automatically choosing Apple music since they have used Apple devices in the past. Also, given Apple’s reputation, many people trust it more. Nonetheless, Spotify still has more subscribed listeners at 100 million, compared to Apple Music, which only has 50 million. 

On the contrary, sophomore Aadi Shankar argues, “If you actually like music, the clear choice is Spotify because it has a unique algorithm of providing you with new music every time you open the app. If you switch from Apple Music, you can finally move on from the same five songs by Drake and Kanye.” Although Apple Music gives the listener song recommendations, the songs often don’t align with their music taste. However, with Shankar’s wisdom, it does seem that Spotify provides more new music for users so that they don’t get bored of the same music on repeat. 

Despite these differences, each platform provides any song that you want to listen to. At the end of the day, music is music and the platform you use isn’t a big deal unless you like cool features to accompany your music.


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