Astroworld: What Happened, How, and PDS Community Reactions


Benjamin Masia, Online Staff Writer

On the night of November 5, nearly 50,000 Travis Scott fans arrived on the first night of his “Astroworld” festival in Houston at NRG Park. These fans were completely unaware of the disaster that would soon come. At 9:02 PM, Travis Scott took the stage, with noticeable excitement from the crowd. At 9:05 PM, many concert attendees reported a crowd surge, and that they were having difficulty standing up and breathing. As things escalated, the crowd was in a full panic at 9:07 PM, with certain fans already in need of medical attention. By 9:15 PM, many attendees had already dialed 911 for help, but due to circumstances of heavy crowding and struggles to breathe, it was impossible for them to explain the hectic situation. 

Finally, after little action was taken, Travis Scott paused his performance to address a person in the crowd crying for help. At 9:28 PM, medical staff at the concert responded to a person who was unresponsive behind the reserved section of the concert grounds. People were screaming and crying for help, but there was still no response from Scott. The music continued, even past 9:38 PM, where the concert was classified as a mass casualty event. Finally, at 10:12 PM, after a blurred half-hour filled with ambulances and fear, Travis Scott announced to his fans to get home safely. In total, there have been ten casualties reported, but deaths have continued even after the concert, with nine-year-old Ezra Blount being the most recent death reported due to injuries sustained from being trampled in the crowd. 

PDS students have opinions on both sides of the spectrum regarding the events that occurred at Astroworld. Junior Albert Zhou stated, “I like his music, but I can no longer support him as a person.” This seems to be a popular sentiment. It is generally agreed upon that his music is favorable to students, but due to the Astroworld festival disaster, many have stopped supporting Scott due to his failure to address the medical needs of his fans. Another junior at PDS who wishes to remain anonymous stated, “I love [Travis Scott]. And only 8 people died. He saved everyone else.” Another Junior who wishes to remain anonymous stated that “This quote is incorrect, as there were ten casualties, and it also seems to minimize the atrocity.” Based on the quote made by the second anonymous junior, it is clear that this junior does not think that Travis Scott saved all the other people. It is a debatable topic, as it is still unclear as to whether or not Travis Scott actually did everything he could.

Clearly, there is no one consensus in the world or within the PDS community. Only time will tell the true story.