New Year, New Flik Food!


Image via Pexels

Justin Elkin, Online Staff Writer

With the start of the new year, Flik dining at PDS has made new changes to both their menu and their policies as they return to their pre-pandemic lunch system. Coming into school after a long break last year, Flik provided all of their lunches in rectangular plastic containers, with limited options such as a turkey sandwich or a bagel with cream cheese, with sides of chips or an apple that had to be pre-ordered. This year, however, the main course is served on plates and usually consists of carbohydrates like pasta or rice, vegetables like cauliflower or broccoli, and a protein like chicken or tofu. In addition to the rotating main meal, there are many alternative options, including a sandwich bar open every day with sandwiches including turkey, tuna, tomato-mozzarella, and many more. With any meal you get, you can always grab a fruit, typically an apple, a pear, or an orange. Many students believe that having more options augments the PDS lunch experience. As freshman Adrian Christian shared, “It’s a real upgrade from last year and I like the new options.”

At the same time, having the whole Upper School back in-person has meant longer wait times for lunch.  Sophomore Arun Patel claims that “Due to the long line, I have been forced to eat pizza most days. Some days it’s been good, other days it crumbles when I fold it.” Having a long line with short lunch and break periods, many students have chosen to grab pizza so they have more time to spend with their friends and eat. A longer lunch time, however, could encourage more students to wait in line to get the main course, while still having enough time to enjoy their food and hang out with friends either outside or inside.