PDS Students Select Song of the Summer


Image from Pexels

Josephine Baranski, Online Staff Writer

Summer music, no matter the genre, always falls into a category of its own, often providing a certain sense of “deja vu” where people are blasted back to the hot and humid summer nights with no homework and no worries. A hit summer song can be judged on a scale of how happy it makes one feel and its car-blastable-ness. While almost anyone enjoys a good summer song, they are certainly an integral part of a high schooler’s life and the way they will perceive their adolescence. Whether it is Bryan Adams’ 1984 hit song “Summer of 69’,” or “Montero” by Lil Nas X, good-feeling summer music is remembered and reminisced by all. 

High schoolers—those who live through this musical right-of-passage—often make the best critics of summer music. As summer comes to a close and teens readjust to a 5-day work week rather than a 3-day music festival, PDS students continue to hum the tunes that remind them of summer follies. 

Considering that each student has unique preferences, many cannot be confined to a particular song or genre. Noting her various music tastes and the appeal of summer music, senior Lily Nyce claimed, “I listened to a lot of different types of music over the summer, but I think my overall favorite song was probably ‘August’ by Taylor Swift. It gives off such a unique summer vibe which takes me back each time I listen to it now.” Sophomore Ben Masia also shared his liking for a song by another popular female artist: “My favorite summer song was ‘Need to Know’ by Doja Cat.” Additionally, freshman Arya Kalra commented that she enjoyed the hit song  “Save Your Tears” by The Weeknd. All of these songs can be described as upbeat, bubbly, and, of course, summer-y: the perfect pool-side tunes. Certainly, the PDS high schoolers have a good handle on 2021’s hit summer songs, and they will shape their memories in years to come.