Hot Dogs, Hot Dogs Galor!


Photo by Polina Tankilevitch from Pexels

Kyler Zhou, Online News Editor

If you have been attending school recently, you might have noticed one strange but wonderful thing about the lunch menu: SO MANY HOT DOGS. But why?

Well, the Spokesman was here to find out. I interviewed the great Chef Brian and got some answers.

Chef Brian said that “with the COVID-19 year, we had to match up to our delivery system with our cafeteria system, so we went with a two-week menu cycle throughout the entire year. Every other Monday, we had our hot dogs delivered, every other Tuesday, we had grilled cheese, and every other Wednesday, we had pasta and marinara.” He explained that the reason why there were so many hot dogs was that “we always had extras, but we never wanted to throw it to waste or freeze it, so the hot dogs carried over from day to day.”

Fortunately, next year, Chef Brian explained that “we will return to our monthly schedule, so hot dogs will only be on the hot menu once a month.”

On behalf of the Spokesman, we are immensely grateful and would like to thank Chef Brian and the Flik staff for the amazing food that they have made throughout the year.