Where did ‘Stranger Things’ go?

Chloe Knerr, Online Staff Writer

It’s the summer of 2016. The world mournes Harambe and your Instagram explodes with #MannequinChallenge. But more importantly, Netflix brags of a new release: Stranger Things. A young boy with a shaved head is pictured on the front and as your cursor selects play, ominous music fills your ears. From here, I’m going to take a shot and say we all finished the show within a matter of days. Being only eight episodes long, it was manageable. We soon learn that the boy with the shaved head is not a boy but a runaway government experiment girl named Eleven. We play Dungeons & Dragons with Mike, Will, Dustin, and Lucas, and get caught in the drama of Steve and Nancy. We venture into the Upside Down with Hopper and Joyce to find Will. Monsters are around every corner and each episode leaves us begging for more. But again, being only eight episodes long, the show is over before it’s even begun! 

Now, I’m sure many of us experience some withdrawal from this; feelings of loss and abandonment (clearly a parallel to how Will felt in the Upside Down). We are now forced to wait an excruciating 14 months for the next season. Many of us have felt this loop for the past three seasons of Stranger Things and to be honest, most of us are feeling it again. When will season 4 come? IS there even a season 4? With a show so gripping and invigorating, they can only make SO many seasons; is this going to be the last one? Panic sets in. 

Well, friends, I am here to reassure you. Fear no longer, below are all the released details for Stranger Things season 4. As of now, there is no set release date, although we can probably expect it to come before 2022. Posts and photos from the cast confirm that they are currently in the midst of production. Filming began in March 2020 and was derailed by the pandemic but resumed in October 2020. We can expect a release date around a major holiday, such as July 4 and Halloween for seasons 3 and 2 respectively. With this knowledge, maybe season 4 will release near Christmas! We also know of several new cast members for the upcoming season: Jamie Campbell Bower, Eduardo Franco, and Robert Englund (who you might know from Nightmare on Elm Street). Another bit of exciting news is that producer Ross Duffer claims that “season 4 won’t be the end” of the show. In other words, we can almost definitely expect a season 5 as well!

Although only limited information has been released on the upcoming season, let’s get excited! Without a doubt, Stranger Things season 4 will have a plethora of gory new monsters, exciting plot twists, and lovable characters in store for us. 


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