Earth Hour 2021


Jazelle Covington, Online Staff Writer

On March 27, an hour was dedicated for individuals, communities, and businesses to turn off all electricity and power. Millions of people were encouraged to take part in this event from 8:30 pm to 9:30 pm, dedicated to the environmental movement, to save power. It was a symbol of peace and care that more people need for the earth and the problems related to climate change. This international event emphasized how much more we need to do to help the growth of the world. Senior Holly Teti said, “Energy conservation is a huge topic this year for earth day…One of our speakers for the summit is the head of sustainability at general motors and will talk about electric cars and solar energy, which could increase green energy usage nationally.” People around the world not only take part in Earth Day but also are involved in this change in their daily lives. This year’s Earth Hour showed that we are capable of doing this, by simply just turning off the energy we are not using at the moment, or conserving energy in different ways.

Every year, people can see entire streets, skylines, landmarks, and buildings going dark. This can also inspire more people to take action in this event. This year’s Earth Hour was dedicated to the dangerous climate change occurring in the world. Even though we may not see it, it is affecting us every day. When more people are influenced to take part in Earth Hour, a domino effect will occur, pushing others to join. The 2020s is a crucial decade for climate and nature. Sophomore Vaishnavi Bhalla said, “It’s really important to save energy because of how much it affects the environment when we don’t.” This year, leaders from across the world are taking action to combat climate change and help our environment thrive. But this cannot be possible without help from daily citizens who use energy every day. Even merely switching down a light switch, or turning off one’s television when you leave the room is a great way of saving energy. That is what Earth Hour is all about, taking an hour of your day to practice this important habit of saving energy. Even if it is a little action, it can go a long way. 

Because of the global pandemic caused by COVID-19, millions of people are now working and attending schools online. This means the amount of energy usage has risen greatly in just this year and the past year. There are about 3 billion internet users around the world, using energy every day for many different purposes. This spike in energy usage makes an impact on our carbon footprint, so this year’s Earth Hour really did make a difference.


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