The Biden Administration’s Environmental Work


Photo by Markus Spiske from Pexels

Divya Sharma, Online Sports Editor

On January 20, 2021, President Joseph Biden signed his first major, long-awaited, climate-related executive order for the nation: rejoining the Paris Climate Accord. The Paris Climate Accord is a renowned international treaty with the goal to flatten the curve of carbon emissions and protect the world from the impacts of climate change; however,  in 2017, former President Donald Trump withdrew the United States from the agreement. Returning to the Paris Climate Agreement may not solve all of the issues in an instant, but it puts the U.S. back on the right path to combat the current climate crisis. During Biden’s presidential campaign, he revealed his two trillion dollar climate proposal to improve the nation economically and environmentally. As we watch Biden begin his first few months in office, we will soon see this plan unfold. 

The main theme for the Biden Administration’s climate actions is to create a clean energy economy and sustainable future. Along with rejoining the Paris Climate Accord, one of Biden’s major actions is the closure of the Keystone XL Pipeline, which spans from Canada to the United States. The pipeline was planning to carry around 800,000 barrels of oil from Alberta, Canada towards the Texas Gulf Coast through indigenous lands. With this order, there was a lot of backlash coming from different groups and unions. Many groups and people felt that through this order, the economy had been negatively impacted by the loss of jobs and businesses. The Biden Administration halted the construction of the pipeline as a way to protect the indigenous people as well as protect the environment from a potentially destructive situation. 

Finally, the administration has signed many executive actions that make combating climate change a priority for the economy and national security. For instance, they have called for a creation of a new commission dedicated to environmental justice, a clean energy economy, and pausing fossil fuel drilling into the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge. Overall, the Biden Administration’s actions towards a sustainable future aim to bring about a positive change and impact on our nation for future generations. As junior Jason Ma stated, “President Joe Biden’s work to fight climate change, especially his rejoining of the Paris Climate Accords, makes me hopeful for the future. Now is not the time to argue about whether climate change exists. It is time for action to reduce its long-term effects.”


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